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August 26, 2009


Ivory Spring

Oh my goodness - that sounds so hard to do. You are smart to figure out a way to do it. Thanks for the tutorial. I actually really like the backing!


That's WONDERFUL! I LOVE the backing and I love that it's centered! GREAT JOB Vicki!

Becky in VA

I read the instructions and sorta think I know what you did. It worked - and the back is spectacular! Great job. This is really a reversible quilt - the guy is going to love it!


I doubt I would have done it but it looks wonderful!!!! So it was definitely worth you doing it.


You are brilliant!! Love the backing (much better than the front!!!)
And I think I can do the centering thing if I print out your tutorial and DO it --step by step. thank you!

Lori in SD

Wow! that took a lot of planning and PATIENCE!


The backing is just fantastic!! Job well done and I definitely can see why you want this one centered!

Deb Levy

great work! Very cool backing!


Great job, and that backing fabric you dyed is fabulous.


That is way cool, and I don't even know what you are talking about.

: )


Thanks for that tutorial. I'd definitely put that quilt on the bed inside out. The back is way way nicer than the front.

Debra Spincic

Now I think I do need a quilting class! (Although I think I have the gist of it. . . never use a backing that needs centering! *wink*)


Awesome backing!

Cindy Is Crafty

This is going to be awesome. Love the funky back you tie dyed! So cool!


Very Nice :) Gonna wear tye dye to Yankees game Tuesday...7 rows behind dugout...look for me :)


OMG, that is one gorgeous back. Nice nice work.

Liz in Kansas

Oh yes, it was definitely worth it! That backing looks better and better each time you show it.


fantastic! I don't longarm (yet) but love the information never know! I love the back!

Judy L.

That backing is gorgeous! You did great figuring out how to get it centered.

Susan Italo

You're a genius. Not to mention a nice person. AND a good dyer!!
THanks for the fab tute!!
Wahoo wah!

sue b

that backing is way too cool!


Absolutely too cool. Those large tie dyes would be great whole cloth quilts, too.



Kay in Scotland

Great'how to' and a fantastic backing, I want to come kneel at your feet to watch you work!!!

Kay in Scotland

Linda Card

Great tutorial, Vicki. I'm so glad that Jo Ann gave us the link for this page on the MQR post.

I have to say that the spirals are way cool. I think that I would lay it on the bed T-shirt side down.

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