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July 01, 2009




Hows your back!

Mary Anne

Such sweet wee bird pictures! We have hawks around here so the other little birds don't tend to nest. There was a robin in our tree out front but she nested too high for us to be able to peek.
Look after your back! I know what it's like and it HURTS. Take care of you.


Oh, I do hope your bad back won't spoil the weekend for you. I love this time of year when you show your birds.

Robin in Short Pump

I've been meaning to ask you how you're getting these pictures. I always thought if you got too close to a nest (or touched it) the mother wouldn't come back, yada yada. Maybe that was an old wives tale my mother told me when I was a kid LOL


I've started to get a twitter authentication request when I view your site. Is this normal?


I hope you'll be OK for this long weekend!
Those birds are cute.

Caron Mosey

Holiday on Friday? Really? Why doesn't my boss know about that?

Love watching your birds grow.

Cindy Is Crafty

Nooooooooo....back issues Missy! You have linens to dye and they aren't going to dye themselves!


Good for you! Baby that back so that you can enjoy it!


Yea!!! More bluebirds are in the world...and we call the Carolina Wrens...the Cheeburger, cheeburger, cheeburger birds...


Every year your posts about the bird's make my heart sing! I can't find our nest, although we seem to have added a lot more varieties of birds at the feeders!


They are so cute!

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