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June 20, 2009



neato...we have a nest of little brown birds in the tree outside...noisy little suckers :)


Those look like Easter eggs!

Becky in VA

Oh, my, what a surprise to see these beautiful blue eggs. I love the way you matched the type color.


I wish we had bluebirds here. Those eggs are beautiful. Great picture. Thanks for visiting my blog too.
I took a found birds nest and added it to my wire/metal art doll. It's on my blog if you want to see it. Thanks for mentionting me here Viski.

Ruth Lane

I think this would make a lovely palette of colors!


Such a beautiful color. :)

Ivory Spring

Aww - I am in love with that shade of blue...

Susan Elliott

Oh, still my beating lucky lucky girl...


Awwww... Isn't nature a miracle?

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