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January 25, 2009



i am indifferent piecer, and while i do pin, i don't worry nearly so much about matching. and i would never have redone that seam. which proves that you are a much better woman than i.

i do have to say though, that that fabric is to die for (dye?). yumm-y.


Wow your block looks great! I really should be more careful and make my points perfect but I am not so careful. You are amazing!

Judy L.

Fantastic tutorial with great pictures! Your points look great but for those whose points may not be quite so perfect, remember that quilting can cover a multitude of imperfections.

Judy L.

Fantastic tutorial with great pictures! Your points look great but for those whose points may not be quite so perfect, remember that quilting can cover a multitude of imperfections.

Robin Kaspar

Great job, Vicki! My personal rule is that if I can't get the points to my liking in 3 tries, then it is what it is and move on. I have learned that my trusty seam ripper is my friend, not foe.

Robin in Short Pump


Thanks for all the clear photos and explanation. I use that method, too, and it really works. I buy ultra-fine pins (get them at a big quilt show because my LQS doesn't even carry them) and stitch slowly, so no pin breaking, and the pins are so fine they don't distort the pieces when you insert them.


Inquiry minds want to know what your "special words" are? They must be a magic chant or something huh?


Totally impressed. I did learn something. Even though I pin the intersections and sew over them, I never thought to pin on each side of the pin. Thank you!


Perfect!!! Just between you and me, I sew over pins too! LOL


I wonder if pinning with the pin heads on the left instead of on the right makes any difference? I have always pinned with them on the right and must remove them before sewing over them as they get caught on the presser foot causing a crooked seam. hmmm I will have to do a test. Thanks for the tutorial. I love your fabric.

Debra Spincic

Judy beat me to it -- I was going to say that I thought quilters needed a bit of space at the point for a quilting line--or is that just something I thought up?

I would not have redone that block either. Now we really know why your back hurts.

Ginger Brown

I SEW OVER PINS TOO. Good for you, you rebel.


Yes, I sew over pins all the time! Good points about the points, too.

Kristin Farwig

Hi Vicki,

I love your subtle sense of humour (e.g. the bit about saying some "special words"!). I'm glad to know I'm not the only one to utter special words when sewing goes awry.

Kristin in SC


oooooh I love your colors and I love star blocks. Cant wait to see this when its done!


Right on Vicki! Very cool of you to do this. An excellent job. Great pics and everything.

Paula Hewitt

the only part of this process i do is saying the special words. this is a very clever idea - i always think pinning takes a long time and just hold the pieces together with my fingers....might just go get me some of those pins to use next time. Also if i got something to match as well as you did on the rejected block Id be doing cartwheels not unpicking.


Wonderful 3-pin tutorial ~ I was lucky to have my first quilt shop instructor use this method.



Thanks for the clearly illustrated sample. I would not have thought of pointing the pins toward the edge. I'll bet it makes all the difference! And I use special words, too - I wonder if they are the same ones? Magical chant - yeah, right. LOL!


You are going to have a really cool quilt. Love those fabrics.

Ivory Spring

Wow - I am impressed!!! The points do meet up perfectly. I sew over pins too. I found some really fine patchwork pins by Clover that are easy to sew over.

Hope you are keeping warm - I saw that the ice storm we are having in AR is also moving into VA.


Great tutorial....I always put the pins on the right side but I'm going to try your way. I like your machine foot.


While sometimes I can be really picky, I doubt I would have resewn that seam. I like the saying if you can't see it from a galloping horse...

Vivian Love

Vicki, Love the tutorial. Great photos!

I love watching all your fun projects...and the bird pics! I nominated you for a blogger award on my blog. Check it out! Take care, Vivian Love


good grief I would go mad trying to make these blocks!

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