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December 14, 2008



They turned out great! Love the colors you used.


Love the baskets and the coasters! I need to finish the last one I started, and make some more. They really are fun!


You are getting a lot more accomplished than I am. I love the coasters!


I have never done any of the wrapped cord projects. Does the stitching go into the cord or just into the fabric where it touches?


awesome coasters!


I love the coasters and the basket!

Michele at Sweet Leaf

Nice coasters, Vicki. The author of that book (Sue) is a member of my local quilt guild. She's a neat lady! She gave a talk one night about the whole process of writing a book. Very interesting.

Paula Hewitt

I like the coasters too. you've nearly reached your goal - i didnt think youd even get close mid year. You better hurry up with your gift making - only 6 more sleeps.


I absolutely LOVE making those coasters and bowls.I have a basket now I put all my little strips in.Selvages are good to0!


Those coasters are great! And hey while I can forgive you for giving up on the cat for December you ought to know I'll be hounding you to get back to it in January, lol!

Kristin Farwig

Hi Vicki,

I love the wrapped bowl and coasters. I haven't tried this type of project either, but I would like to learn how to at some point in the future.

Kristin in SC

Ivory Spring

Hi Vicki,

It's lovely to hear from you. I am just now catching up with blog comments.

What lovely coasters - handmade gifts mean so much more. I know they will be appreciated.

Deb Levy

cute coasters and the colors!


you got this from it's a wrap right? my aunt has that and is making bowls as gifts for my cousins wedding .. I'm like .. you need more than to august to get this done and yes it does use a LOT of fabric .. one bowl = 1 yard me thinks .. wow!

looks GREAT



Those are really great coasters! I've seen a few people doing that sort of craft -- looks like fun! Another thing for my very long list...


Those coasters are lovely gifts!

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