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November 18, 2008


Ruth Lane

Even the thought of making a wedding dress would make me run away screaming! Your citrus quilt turned out wonderful. I love the hand dyed backing.


Your 4 patches are subtle, and I didn't see them until I read your sewing process. I really like this one, so cheerful. Have you ever tried Thermore for a lightweight quilt. Of course it is polyester, but it does make a nice summer weight quilt.

And the backing is perfect!

Marie Johansen

Bright, fun and happy. Love it !


Yay, no wedding dress sewing! The citrus quilt is very nice, but, um, what citrus does the blue rectangles represent?


cirtus turned out wonderfully! I love using a piece of flannel on the back for a summer "quilt" -- without the batting its so cool and light, but looks so great :-)

deb levy

Citrus looks fabulous! Flannel is a good time skip the backing, get a piece of white flannel, dye it (it dyes beautifully) and use that for the back... that way you only have 2 layers. Great for a warm weather quilt..all cotton, so it breathes and doesn't trap the heat.

Carole Meier

Lovely quilt! "Pure luck" I don't believe it! You've been working hard on your hand dyed technics! Keep well!


Very pretty quilt! I use flannel a lot for batting. You don't have to quilt it very closely and it's a nice weight.


Of all the quilts I have seen you make, this is my favorite. I'm glad you are so pleased with it - and the backing dyeing up so beautifully just means it was meant to be. Enjoy it!


Love the quilt! And your backing is fabulous, dahling. Couldn't be better.
And you sew? a wedding dress???!!! I'm impressed!


I'm so jealous - I am very tempted to put all the things on my to do list aside and make mine...maybe I'll allow myself to do it in December. This looks great and the backing is just perfect!

Jo Ann

Lovely quilt, Vicki! It looks great.


What a gorgeous quilt, Vicki!

sue b

very cool quilt! and congrats to Anne and Chris!


No wedding dress! Whew!! The quilt is gorgeous and the dyed backing is perfect. Have you ever quilted using polar fleece as a backing? I'm thinking of that for a baby quilt but is it too stretchy?


Miracles DO happen! haha
I would like to attempt to make a wedding dress just once. Maybe I should get started now (but hope my only child doesn't marry for a few more years yet!)
Your quilt looks awesome!


Congrats on the finish (and the escape)...

Kristin Farwig

Hey Vicki,

I love your citrus quilt! Such bright and cheery colors, and I love the luscious hand dyed background.

I enjoyed reading your post of the other day with all your sewing history. I think you must be the most organized and meticulous person I have ever encountered. I am impressed with your record keeping. You are so talented, and it's good to know that at least some of it is because you have been sewing and doing crafts for a long time!

Kristin in SC


Love it! Come on now, why on earth *wouldn't* you want to make a wedding gown?!?

Just joking, of course, I know you have the skills to make one, just not the time or most likely sanity.


Beautiful! Hope all is well with you.


Ivory Spring


This is such a happy quilt!!! :)

"This is one of the rare quilts that I have started and finished in the same calendar year." -- you mean to tell me you have unfinished quilting projects?! *just teasing* :)


I love the Citrus quilt. I didn't see the four patches at first, but that makes it more interesting.


Great quilt in warm, sunny colors! Would be perfect for a nap on a rainy day.

Paula Hewitt



That is such a happy quilt! I'm glad you get to keep it!

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