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November 30, 2008



I think you did really well at 85.5 yards. Do you think you would do as well if you weren't tallying it each week?


I think that is wonderful! And I am impressed that you can keep track of it as well. Good job!


Oh yah i forgot the soccer ball on my picture

tracey petersen

That 100 yard goal is tantalisingly close!


hey 85 yards is great! but gosh you're so close, c'mon you can squeeze out another 15 yards!

Judy L.

You've done so good in 2008. Give up sleep and you could make that 100 yard goal! :)

Ivory Spring

What stupid cat? You don't sound too enthused... ;)


hahahahah Love the stupid cat! By the time its done you will be calling it other things! But then you will love it.Ü


I think you can be more than proud of your total 85 yards that is some achievement, good for you!

Lori in SD

So close to 100 yards! Well, the idea was to keep track of what we bought and used! And you have used more than you bought! I dug out a UFO, if I get that bound, and pull out one that even has the BINDING machine sewn on one side--well, that will make me pretty close!

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