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November 26, 2008


Ruth Lane

Go Griz!

Paula Hewitt

oh - THAT Virginia Tech. I hope you can go back to hating each other soon. ;)
Im trying to think of something encouraging to say about the x-stitch,but Ive got nothing. happy thanksgiving.


OH i remember the days of Counted Cross Stitch. I still have a picture in the works that I started before the twins were born..... and they will be 15 on Sunday.

Vicki, I've awarded you a "Cool blog" award. Check out my blog for details.

Happy Thanksgiving!



So is Hokie slang for turkey? I always wondered?


Go VT - at least the rivalry can live in your house. We are a mixed marriage too - I went to Co.State - he Univ of Wyo. huge border wars!


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Ivory Spring

Great progress, Vicki! Your patience and determination paid off!!

And great alma mater stitchery - I like your comment about your "mixed" marriage! :)

As for what time is dinner... we are having it early tomorrow, at around noon. But you can come anytime to visit! ;) I started my Gameboard Sampler by the Drawn Thread last night -- and it is very addictive!!!! Not good when I am supposed to be getting the baking and side dishes done.


I didn't go to college but we love football here. And HERE we have the big Michigan State vs. U of M!
They both hate the Ohio Buckeyes! Big games, big parties and big fun! Oh and both our teams kinda sucked too! It's fun though.


Hope you have a great Thanksgiving! Don't let all the ivory and tan put you off, you are making great progress and I want to see this baby finished!


Hokies by 10 points!

amy (sew~amy)

love the cross stitch. You have come a long way on the sewing one. Love seeing the progress.


I am looking for Virginia Tech cross stitch seal pattern.

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