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November 13, 2008


deb levy

Cute postcard and great tutorial.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwh..for the cute doggies! Sweet of you to clean them up and give them a warm place to snuggle.


Thanks for a great tutorial. I'm also a sucker for dogs, they look so cute cuddleing together. Judi

Judy L.

Awwww! The dogs and the postcard are too cute!


great postcard. i need to carve out some time for playing.

what a sweet picture of your rent-a-dogs.

Karen L

The postcard looks wonderful....might have to try them this year instead of ready made cards.Thank you for the tutorial.



Great tutorial--very easy to follow--now I need to find all the stuff!!

Jo Ann

Great tutorial, Vicki! And such sweet-looking pups!


Thanks for the tutorial!
Those dogs are too cute; But what do you call a rent-a-dog?


Thanks Vicki, I really enjoyed your step by step. What a lovely set of cards, and your dogs are way too cute!

sue b

awww what a good rent-a-doggie mom you are!


You big old softie! Your wet doggies just look pitiful. Glad you were there to warm them up!


Vicki, I use Peltex 72 - it is fusible on both sides. You can save yourself two fusing steps, once on the front and once on the back. I buy it by the bolt and use it in my postcard class kits (and for lots of other stuff).


AWWWWWWwwwwww! Love your rent-a dogs, do you get them at the rent-a-center? Thank you for the tutorial, I so enjoyed it and put it on the list, you know the one I am talking about? The want to do list??

Molly Fryer

Vicki--Love your postcard. You do such neat stuff with fibers/threads etc. I might have to try this! I have to ask what "Hitchikers" are?

Sandy Jandik

It's nice to see the steps in your postcard. It turned out great. Dog is wonderful too.


easy...oh my goodness. all i can say is wow!

Kristin Farwig

Hi Vicki,

I love the Christmas tree postcards! Thanks for the great step-by-step tutorial. I may just have to try these too!

Kristin in SC

Paula Hewitt

aaaaaawwwww -cute dogs. did you do something with angelina and misty fuse too? oh yeah. I like them - and the fact that you get a small pile of cool indivual looking cards from one lot of effort. i like you comment about cutting the trees non - uniform? really?? or did you mess it up and it was just an excuse - either way - thats what Im going to say from now on when i mess things up.....


Fabulous and easy! Poor doggie!

paula, the quilter

OK, I'll bite, what's a rent-a-dog? The black one looks a bit older and I bet he was grateful for the warm blanket for those old bones. Nice postcard, btw.


Great postcards! The multiple layers sound very interesting and fun to do. I will certainly be giving this a try some day.


Nobody is easier better than you! Thanks for the tutorial. Lovely postcard, Vicki!

Ruth Lane

Great way to make a bunch of postcards for Christmas and I love how the trees turned out. You call those hitchhikers? I always called them Klingons! Great dog pics.


Thanks for the great tutorial. Love the Card. Love the rent-a-dogs, too.

Linda S

Great postcard Vicki & cute dog pics too.
Thanks for visiting & commenting on my blog.

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