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November 09, 2008


deb levy

The quilt looks great. Would be a wonderful "guy" quilt. I do have to speak to the 'lazy label' Why not just quilt in your name and the year at the bottom of the quilt??? I've gotten so I do that on all of mine now. Saves a step and is more secure than a label. Not to's on the front...sort of like a 'real artist' kinda cool!


You are a busy girl! I've loved following your dyed experiments.


Woodgrain was perfect for that quilt! I can't wait to see what you do with the citrus one. You had a great stash week!

Lynn Douglass

You are dangerous! I bought the book because of your first quilt, then bought the fabrics because of your 2nd quilt! Am I impressionable, or what?

Marie Johansen

Oh really nice - some it it looks like a beautiful parquet floor. Love it !


Oh wow. That is a gorgeous quilt. I like the sound of that technique. 2 for the price of one.

Judy Rys

Great quilt, you get a lot of depth with this pattern. Your quilting is fantastic.

Lori in SD

Yes, let us know how you liked quilting the flannel sheet, inquiring minds want to know! And no additions to your stash. It looks like you worked on all your goals. WOW!!


Looks very cool. I love how that blue pops!


Your quilt is fabulous, and your stash report is looking great, I'm sure you'll meet your target no problem :)


Great quilt! You're going to meet your bust goal! I just know it!

Debra Spincic

I'm looking at the photo of you quilt on the frame and I think I have been rolling mine backwards. I don't have the same frame but I am going to try it the way you have it rolled and I bet it will work better for me. The thread recommendations are definitely better.

Love the yellow sunshine quilt!


That quilt is outstanding! I love the panto that you used. It would indeed make a wonderful guy quilt!
I love Deb's idea of quilting in your signature and date! I am going to do that, that way I don't have to fret over making the label later!
The flannel sheet is another excellent idea!! Wow, I just love learning from all of you smart quilters!!!!

sue b

What a great looking quilt that is. You know, your to do list makes me tired!


Love the quilt. The color choices are so unusual (to me) and look great!

Love the citrus quilt. I just bought that line while I was in Houston. I should say overbought.


Oh my goodness how did I miss so many posts? I love that double thing. What an awesome idea. Now I am going to have to go find that book! Love your new tie dyed stuff too!


Beautiful quilt - very manly looking!! I love to colors of the quilt on the frame too....


Wow, that citrusy quilt gave me my vitamin c dose for the month. Really pretty, Vicki!


Your quilt is just gorgeous! I love your dyed gradients...yum.

Ivory Spring


I love your vibrant sense of colors - and the quilting is fabulous!!!

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