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November 16, 2008



too bad about the failed yellow-love the sky with the rainbow- cute baby clothes!

Lynn Douglass

Even in the pieces that didn't turn out like you wanted them to, the colors are still very cool! Come on baby girl! It really makes me wish I lived close enough to come dye with you!
Beautiful rainbow! Is that pot of gold at your house?

Paula Hewitt

I like the dyed yardage. the baby clothes look good - but if red yellow and blue was what you were aiming for.... they do look quite patriotic though. So you capped of your day with two UVA ....whats? shirts? or....

Sue H

i had to smile about the two uva shi(r)ts, and wonder if that was intentional, on some level! even the ones you're not happy with are gorgeous!

sue b

bummer on the yellow but I still think it all looks great. That rainbow is amazing!


Sorry to hear about your duddy dyeing results, but they all still look great to me.


I think your projects are ALL wonderful (there, did I do a good job of stroking your ego?!?)


I'm impressed that you guys put the track lights up yourself - I had to call an electrician. Do you like them?


Vicki, it's awesome!! Thanks!


LOL on the no fight .. you know how we do stuff that is 'some assembly required?" .. I kick BOTH kyle and reg out the house - get it all put together and set up, then when reg gets home, he tightens all the screws down :) - no fights LOL

great job and your gradients look gorgeous as well!



All this in one single day?! I am impressed!

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