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September 07, 2008


amy (sew~amy)

I bet you guys had fun, beside the broken arm (ouch). and got a lot of sewing done, that's always fun.

Becky in VA

I've thought about you and your friends at Craft Week and what a great time you all must have had. So sorry about Denise's fall. It makes me wonder if she has Osteoporosis - it doesn't just happen to "older" women - I've had it since my 40's.
Thanks for sharing the projects and pictures, and your awesome T-shirts.


Ohhhhhhh What a fun week that was.Who makes that awesome dandelion-ish fabric? The shirts looks so darn happy .. well done well done ! That must be one heck of a project you are doing to affect you that far down the line.Rest some too - don't get sick!


What an unfortunate accisent for Denise! Thankfully she was able to spend the time with friends, even if it wasn't as productive as she'd planned for.

Benedryl hangovers are the worst -- there was nothing fun precipitating the hangover, and all the pain of the hangover. Not a fun way to spend your b'day, but definately memorable....

Freda Henderson

Sorry your friend got hurt Vicki but it looks like all of you had fun. Thanks for sharing the pix.


YAY Vicki is home! I missed your blogs. So sorry about your friend. Maybe she will come back to prove she can make it through incident free.Ü. Glad you got a lot done, can't wait to see more pics.

Debra Spincic

I was going to suggest your friend have her bones checked too. That many breaks in such a short time would scare me.

What a week!

Judy Rys

Too much back luck in one short week!! The sunset is awesome and so is the dandelion fabric. I love your t-shirts and the orange- yarn.

sue b

well all things considered it sounds like you all had a great week. It's good to have you back and posting again :)


The thrills, the chills, the drama, the crafts! Another eventful craft week. Poor lady with the arm. That is sad and she ought to get herself a lawyer especially if they say it was made worse by not placing a cast on it.

The shirts were awesome and I love the quilts you finished.


Was trying to do a quick dash through blogs without commenting tonight, but wow, those fish - they are fabulous. Sounds like you had fun despite the injuries and allergies and technology issues...


In spite of the bogarts on the scene, it looked like you all had a wonderful week, with a gorgeous sunset every night for emphasis.
Thanks for sharing your friends and projects!


I'm glad you are back. I missed your posts.


Glad you had a great time! The pictures of everyone in their t-shirts are great. I do hope Denise will heal quickly without to much extra trauma.


Wow - what a great post. I'm exhausted just reading it. It was like a short story -- adventure, fun and pain (unfortunately).

You guys all look so cute in your tie dyed shirts. You've been a busy girl Miss Vicki. Sounds like life is pretty good up there in Virginny!


What a great post. I've never heard of craft week looked very fun, even with a hospital visit. In my family, any get together isn't complete until someone (usually a child under the age of 12) gets stitches or a cast! LOL!
Glad you are back and safe!


Sorry-second post...I forgot. My family went to Peach Days Fair here...saw a huge booth of dyed shirts...daughter V said "They're okay, but I like your blogger friend's shirts better"!


Poor Denise! Hope she recovers soon. Loved the pic of you all in your shirts! And those log cabins are fab: finish them (!!) So I can see this quilt.


In spite of Denise's accident (hope she's doing better and that she's well taken care of), it looks that you were able to get some fun.

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