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July 06, 2008



I hope you're feeling better. I love the monkey's so cute.
Your quilt is lovely but I can see wanting a change after 10 years. I'm sure your fabrics will be awesome. :)


I think the fern was an excellent choice for that quilt.

I started one of those star quilts but never finished it, hmmmm I wonder where it is.

Deb Levy

The ferns look good. I did those once and I think it went fairly quickly.


That star quilt is great! I haven't seen Judy's new block of the month. I am playing catch up this month so I think I will steer clear of that one for now.


I love the star quilt!

Caron Mosey

Gosh, your Star quilt is beautiful! But I know what you mean about needing a change. You can send it to me and I'll guard it for you! It would go great in my bedroom, too!

P.S. Love the title of this post... Quilting ADD. I think I have that, too!


I love the monkey block, too! It will be lovely when it is all done!


I hope you are feeling better. Love your star quilt. Thanks for the link to Paula in the previous post. I am hoping to do a little bit of dyeing in the near future.

Diana Wilson

It's ALL good Vicki. But I NEED that recipe for freezing bread dough. I make zucchini bread sometimes but never froze the dough. Yep, I NEED it!
I am doing Judy's new quilt too!

Alycia Carmin

Wow - you are on a roll. I like your design wall!

Judi S

Your star quilt is beautiful. I hope you've recovered from the Retayne by now. Thanks to you I'll never use it, I'm sensitive to those kinds of things as well.


zucchini certainly does have a way of "taking over" the garden, doesn't it! Cucumbers -- too -- they are growing up and over everything -- but oh sooooo delicious.


That star is just a little over the top Vicki! Holy cow - it is gorgeous. I've not tried a star yet -- too precise for my skills at this point. Someday!

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