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July 27, 2008



I don't think I've ever seen a tie-dyed zig zag before -- it looks great! Those are definitely Fighting Illini colors if not UVA colors.


Love how you created a spiral in the blue tie dye! Neat


Wow, that dark blue shirt with the lightning bolt look turned out great!

Brigitte H.

Vicki....I love all of these. The colors are absolutely delicious. Terri will love the ones you made for her. How lucky can she be!

Sue B

okay you're like the tie dye queen now! That one with the zig zag is too cool and Terri is a very lucky person!


Walt would KISS the ground I walk on if I made these shirts for him! LOL love em!


I really think you need to do a tie dye shirt class on MQR.

Please? With ...... hmmm, dye and beads on top?



Wow - you have amazing dye control. These are absolutely fantastic!!


I love your tie dye patterns. And I think your attempt at a UVA shirt is pretty darn close! Awesome!

Deb Levy

OK, I think you've got the tie dye down pat now...they look great! You are having way too much fun with that!

Rose Marie

I've never done any tie-dying, but, by golly, your shirts are terrific and they look like fun to do!

Carole Meier

I can certainly see why anyone would want one of your shirts! Lovely colours! What a pro you're getting to be! You're tempting me to get into this and ya know how I don't need another hobbie! lol


They are all gorgeous but the blue/orange one is my favorite! You did an outstanding work!

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