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July 05, 2008



Well, I think the t'shirts look just fine. Love your red shirt! Really cool!


There you go with the science experiments again but I guess this is why you do them right?? I love how the red t-shirt came out.

Karen L

Even though you didn't like the results....I like the colors with the retanye better....but then I like the grayed look better than the pure color. When I was dying...I always threw a bit of black in with my baths to give me the look I wanted. So you may be disappointed...but I like them!!!
I like the shirts....I may have to try this on some of my stained white shirts.

Karen L


Thank you for your input!!! Since I don't have Retayne (nor syntrapol for that matter) I won't use them!!! But it's good to know if ever I come across some!!!

I find the Tshirts interesting and the "passed" colors of your trials, it might not be what you're used to use in fabrics, but it could be nice in an unexpected work!!! And then you could always overdye them!!!!

Keep on dyeing!!!

best wishes


thats interesting.
I always use Retayne to prewash my fabrics . Since I have been doing this I have never had any fabric run any more.
My friend does not prewash and we use a lot of the same fabrics and recently she had a red fabric run onto the other colors in the quilt when she washed.
I didn't...
I wonder if it has something to do with the dying chemicals you use and these two products?

Sue B

you know I never use Retayne or Synthrapol. Love the over dyeing results!

Sandra Wyman

OK so you may not like the colours, but the patterning you get on your shirts and t-shirts is fantastic!

Deb Levy

I'm with you...I don't like how the darks migrated. If I want a grayed color, I can add black to THAT color. When I'm looking for bright, clear color (which is most of the time) I don't want it grayed or dulled.

Love the overdyed red shirt!

So thanks for the experiement, tells me to keep on the way I was...Retayne free!

Freda Henderson

Well I don't know much about dyeing fabric but I like them. How did you ever get that heart like that? I love it.

Ruth Lane

OK - so now I don't have to try the Retayne I keep hearing so much about. Thanks Vicki!


Sell the dingy ones - I love them ! I appreciate the info on Retayne .... I had never used it before because it did not seem that I needed it ...

Judi S

Your red shirt turned out stunning. Weird about the Retayne.


Although I can see that they are not as clear as your usual t-shirts, I think they are fab. I'm sending my address LOL. Love, love, love the heart one and the middle one!
The red t-shirt is very cute too.


I'm sorry things didn't go the way you expected... But the T-shirts look fine to me...


That's too bad about Wanda's t-shirt, because they are really cute. I can see where the white or lighter spaces have had some dye migration.

Fabulous job on the shirts for you and your husband! I dyed a turtleneck for my daughter one time for the same reason - she got some indelible pink something or other on it and I couldn't get it off, so hot pink tie dyed turtleneck it was! She and my husband loved that turtleneck, until it got too small.


Wanda loves the 1 with the heart!


What has me cracking up is that insane drive to keep using something that you're disappointed in. I think we do it to prove to ourselves that it really is as great as we've heard, and it was OUR screw-up.

I can't tell you how many times I've ruined multiple artworks this way. Maybe now that I see someone else proceeding where fools are too smart to tread, I'll back off -- but don't put money on it!! :-)


You may have used the wrong products. It sounds like you should have used Synthrapol, recommended for hand dyed fabrics such as yours.

Retayne is recommended only for commercially dyed fabrics. I've been using Retayne for years, but only on commercially dyed yardage. It's great & has saved me much heartache later on (no color migration when pieces are washed. When I do have hand dyed fabric, I turn to Synthrapol.

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