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June 29, 2008


Sue B

they look great in their shirts!

A Wacom do I need one of those too?

Carole Meier

Love the shirts! You know, last year I added how much I spent on quilting. Thanks to my credit card company, they provide a yearly breakdown as to where my money went. The total gave Stephen a heart attack! lol And I didn't even buy a machine. What I think did it is that he only spent half on his hobby. This year, I think I'll skip it! hI don't need to know, really, and neither does he. It's fine! lol ;o)

Sue R

Very good stash report, Vicki. Truly I would be afraid to know what I spend on my hobby, so I'm not going there! What my husband doesn't know won't hurt him!

Deb Levy

Love the boys' shirts!

As to the spending....makes me feel better about mine to hear your report lol!

And the Wacom, Don'e getting me one for my birthday...though he doesn't know it yet...


The boys look great in their shirts.

I just got the Wacom tablet and Painter 4 Essentials after it was demonstrated at computer club. I haven't loaded the software yet.


Love the shirts, Vicki!! Terrific Tie dye!!

Btw, I tried one of the soaps and it was wonderful!! My skin feels so silky smooth now! It was the jojoba mango one.


The shirts look great on your models.

Do you like the Wacom tablet? I've looked at them several times but don't *really* need one so I've resisted so far. I did go online and start to purchase stuff to the locker hook rugs but then deleted my shopping cart. Since I'm going to be gone most of July, I decided not to purchase them yet but I WILL eventually try it.


Great shirts, Vicki. You're doing great on your stash goal -- almost halfway. I really don't think basic supplies like batting and muslin should count. You can't do the other work without them. How do you store your stash? Especially the large bolts? I usually don't have space for something like that but would love to.


The shirts are awesome as well as your niece's box!
I haven't tracked my purchases that well but I'm more aware and not spending so mindlessly. :)

amy (sew~amy)

I love the shirts, they look great. My husband says, it is just money can't take it with you when you die. ( his hobby is expensive too).

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