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June 22, 2008



That was a neat idea to use the extra backing and batting.

Sue B

great placemats! I like the way you did the binding - very clever.


What kind of batting did you use for these? I've wondered if quilted placemats would be too lumpy and bumpy to acutally use? I suppose it depends on the batting and how densely you quilt.

I've been wanting to make some. I'm probably get to it around...2012?


Thanks for the tutorial. Great idea! These came out looking very nice. And the tie-dyed T-shirts had the sixties and seventies calling my name.

Kristin Farwig

Hi Vicki,

Your batik placemats and napkins are lovely.

And thanks for posting the DVD info for doing tie dye! I recently took a shibori class, which I loved. We didn't do any tee shirts though. I had never done tie dye before when it was popular, and bought an inexpensive booklet on the subject from Dharma and recently tried it out. I made a bunch for relatives. They came out fairly well, but not as good as yours! You did a great job. I had some problems with the dye migrating on some of them. I will probably get the first DVD, so thanks for the recommendation!

Kristin in SC


Gotta try this! I am in desperate need of new placemats!


Great idea! I love the orange trim. Did you ever make the chicken placemats? I saw some chicken ribbon in Manchester last week and thought of that fabric you bought.

Ginger Brown

Oh for cryin out loud! Your stuff is so darned cool. Lordy I don't know how you do it. Love, love LOVE the placemats and napkins. And I love your blogs with the great pics and inspiration.

Deb Levy

Love your placemats! I always make them n the longarm with leftovers....but I always bind them the traditional way...your way would be faster...must try it!

Sue H

What a cool idea! Sometimes I have extra at the end of a quilt, and I've never thought of making placemats! I think I need to plan having extra soon -- and I'm going to try your binding technique too! Thanks...

Carole Meier

Lovely placemats! Thanks for the tutorial! I noticed some blue clips on you bar, why do you use them? Enquiry minds want to know! ;o) Have a great day!

Alycia Carmin

Great Idea! And you make it look so easy!

Jo Ann

Great tutorial, Vicki! I think that I need some new placemats now.

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