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May 28, 2008



and I'm happy for you!


Vivian Love

Isn't it funny how a utility sink would make you so happy...ME TOO! I'm enjoy the birdwatching too. Take care, Vivian


Hooray for you !!


nice picture of the plumber's backside. lol




okay, I'll be over on Saturday with my bag of goodies from Dharma (LOL) -- actually this makes me think I should unclog the drain in our basement utility sink...


Enjoy working with your new facilities.

When I first saw the photo, I couldn't figure out why you had taken a picture of someone who had fainted (!) I guess that's what words are for...

Have fun with your new sink.

Judy Rys

Sweet set-up. You are a lucky girl!

Jane Weston

LOL...funny how the littlest things can make us happy...happy dyeing!

tracey petersen

Oddly enough I have sink envy...

Sue B

I'm happy for you too, incredibly jealous but happy!


Lucky, Lucky you, Enjoy.


Happy happy happy!!!!


Yay, yay, yay! Happy dance, happy swim in the new sink!


It's these little things that can change the quality of our lives!
Go Vicki!!!

Karen L

Congratulations on your new sink. Lugging water up and down is not fun. Your DH may never see you now as there is fabric to dye!!!

Karen L

Deb Levy

I know you will enjoy that! Will you ever come up out of the basement now??

Judi S

WOW, that is fantastic. Aren't those pumps great? We had one in our laundry room in our prior house -- which had a great setup for dying fabrics. Not the case here. I dye vicariously through you :)

Amy (sew~amy)

that is wonderful Vicki.


Yay! You can now dye to your heart is content without dyeing the carpet, too!


So glad you are happy, Vicki!! Have fun dyeing fabric!


So glad you are happy, Vicki!! Have fun dyeing fabric!

Judy L.

That is definitely going to make your dyeing so much easier! Congrats on getting it done.


Excelelnt! Lucky you. I will look forward to the results as you christen that sink :-)


We put the same sink in our garage in the mountain cabin. It has been great to have it downstairs close to the yard. Happy dying! I expect your white sink to be multi-colored in the next pic.

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