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May 19, 2008


lisa thiessen

Thanks for the starch recipe. It means a lot to us Canucks after learning from Sharon Schamber that Canada is where the US sends all it's bad spray starch! I mean it was nice of her to let us in on it, but we were given no recourse of've given us northern piecers HOPE. Thanks.


I have never starched my fabric. I don't prewash so the original sizing does a good job. I used starch in an applique class one time where we used it on the turned under edge. Does your recipe burn if the iron it too hot? That was what happened on the spray starch that I purchased for class.


Thanks for the recipe. My Grandmother use to make her own starch, but her recipe was lost somewhere in time.


Debra Spincic

This might be a good solution for strengthening fabric before I machine embroider on it. I am going to try it and will report back! Thanks, V!

Carole Meier

Thanks for the recipe! Lisa's funny! You know I had no clue who Sharon Schamber was until I attended MQX. I wonder where she got that information. lol Well, I just won't buy my spray starch from Canada anymore. lol Hey, does it have to be American corn starch? lol thanks for sharing. It's a lot cheaper to make you own than to use Ellen's Best Press. ;o)


Does this recipe work with crafts such as string art? Like a string pumpkin or a string snowman? Is it stiff enough after it dries? Thanks, Holly

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