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April 20, 2008


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A great report considering you were surrounded by temptation all week! I also had to drop out of all challenges/groups because with working full time, my quilting time is limited. Getting so much more accomplished now.


I'll state up front that I don't always follow my own advice, but keeping a running list IN A NOTEBOOK (otherwise I'll lose it) that I check regularly and also working just a little every day are my two best strategies for keeping on top of things. I have tried more complicated systems than that, but then I tend to spend a lot of time on the system itself. Good luck! I am *so* impressed by all you accomplish -- I think the advice needs to come from you to us, not the other way around.


As long as you are following your inner voice, you will be doing what you are supposed to do! And it sure is a lot, commendable. Your class with L-CW is going to be very, very special, I just know it...


As long as you are following your inner voice, you will be doing what you are supposed to do! And it sure is a lot, commendable. Your class with L-CW is going to be very, very special, I just know it...


You already sound pretty organized to me!I had one entire year of no new challenges/projects/classes and just finished UFO' was wonderful! Of course I still have UFO's, but doesn't everyone? That year helped me realize what I really wanted to be doing (landscpaes/Pictorial/Art quilts and retro clothing) in my quilting/sewing and not get caught up in the current fun project.



Glad you had fun last week. You better get crackin' if you plan to get rid of 100 yards of fabric from your stash. Do you have a deadline for that?

Judy L.

Great post, Vicki. I'm with you on re-thinking priorities.


You did great to just come home with under 9 yards of fabric!

I've always wondered how you manage to get things done with all the things you juggle. I find it easier to do what you're doing now and limit myself to certain goals/projects.

My priorities are my donation quilts through HeartStrings, continuing to quilt for family as needed, and taking more time to work on my own projects.

I don't have a desire to make really complex quilts or to enter shows but I do like to *grow* in my quilting. Although I had planned to resist the postcards and doll quilts, I've enjoyed those projects I allowed myself to do this year.

As far as using stash, as I unpack all this fabric, I have a renewed goal of using what I have. Last year I think I used about 150 yards but as I only count what's in a finished project and didn't subtract what I purchased from what I used - I don't know what my *real* bottom line was.

Paula Hewitt

I can relate to being overwhelmed by a hobby -Im rethinking a lot myself at the moment. Also I liked your remark yesterday about some quilts shops having so much fabric you walk out with nothing - there is a shop in Brisbane like that - I am so completely overwhelmed by choice I struggle to find anything!


You have goals and are organized. Some great ideas on how to focus.

Ruth Lane

Lofty goals for fiber reduction - and you are one of the most organized people I've seen in cyber fiber world. Just go with your heart.

Carole Meier

Sounds good to me! Focus on what you like! You know, I'm always amazed at how much you get done. Keep well!


Your refocus sounds like a good idea. There are so many genres to the fiber art world, and I really don't think one person can do them all! Focusing on what you like will help define you as an artist. Not to say that techniques can't cross over from other fiber art genres, but there is a sense of making it all your own.


Setting goals, reorganizing goals, and ultimately accomplishing goals -- that's the difference between success and failure. I hear ya loud and clear and I think (not that it matters) that focusing in only on projects, classes, etc. that are going to assist you in accomplishing your elite list of personal and professional quilting goals is fantastic. You are amazing Vicki -- both in your work and in your centered, diligent approach to life and achieving inner chai!!

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