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February 07, 2008



sounds like you had quite a houseful and lots going on as a child... as an only child I have sketchier memories of childhood as I have no one to "tell the stories" with :-)

Deb Levy

The sunset is gorgeous! As for the stories, it is fun to remember. I am nearly a generation (and more)ahead of my other 5 siblings..we don't have the same memories. But, Mary and I have connected as adults and share the same passion for quilting now. And that memory will take me thru the end of my life.


I quite enjoyed the stroll (or was that a gallop?) through your childhood. Thank you.


Thanks for sharing Vicky. Most profound, was the statement about not being equal. Wow.

Thanks too for the gorgeous sunset.



What great detailed stories. You got me thinking about my own childhood.

Your bird pictures continue to be a real treat. Thanks for sharing them.

tracey petersen

Funny that I have a storm - cyclone althea - as one of my earliest memories too. The gravity of a disaster does not escape the very young no matter how they may be shielded.

Kay Susan

Nice walk through your memories vicki. This challenge seems to 'bringing out the writer' in a few of us! Odd thing about your paternal grandparents - my son-in-law's mother wanted to have my granddaughter to stay but not her brother! Provoked more or less the same reaction! On investigation, it turned out that my son-in-law and his sister were sent to different grandmothers for the school holidays, so not only were they without their parents, they were separated as well! Maybe this is not as unusual as I thought?


Gorgeous sunset! My brother and I don't quite have the same memories as we're six year apart. It is cool to think about, though, isn't it?


I can remember most all those things.Vague memory of Great-Grandma Rakes. I remember Granddaddy Droves fly-swatter. The best memories of course is of all the play as a child, we did have a freedom then that children now could only be so lucky to enjoy. Having parents that allowed us to grow as individuals was a gift. The flood certainly sucked, but the awesome sand lot it left was the greatest...until Jess Dalton plowed it under. Malt (the duck)was the coolest pet. One thing you did leave out out of your recollection that I remember quite well...all those damned cows!

Susan D

Thanks for sharing your memories. Sharon has set a great challenge this month it's set a lot of us on a journey of memories hopefully happy ones.


Vicki - at times I thought I was reading my "own" walk down memory lane. We must be about the same age as I too remember Dark shadows, getting shag carpeting for the first time and while we didn't have an outhouse - we did live in Ohio and my mom would tell me stories about hers, as a kid. I was touched by your story -- and I know it will be the spring board for a beautiful and meaningful piece of art. One thing I have learned from reading your blog (and a few others that I treasure) is that some of the most wonderful pieces of art are born from "mental" processes. In other words, they are contemplated, written out and intently pondered. That is something I never realized before and I am just learning now. I hope to work on this skill in an effort to make my own art more meaningful. So - thank you for that.

Anyway -- Have a great weekend. Oh, and um..... only 14 more days until the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival -- wooo hoo!! Can't wait!

P.S. I saw Jeanne's (AllThingsquilty) little romper last night that she made for Lily (Jeanne is in my quilt guild and bee) and it is sooo cute and soft. Jeanne really is so talented.


Isn't it interesting how different our memories can be from our siblings? My first memory is a sketchy one of my sister coming home from the hospital after she was born. I am 2 years and 2 months older than her. My next memories are of two hospital stays the year I was 3. Again that trauma thing.
I remember lots of things my sister doesn't. My boys also have very different memories some not based in reality.

Debra Spincic

My babysitter actually had an old car in the backyard and we spent many hours driving around in that thing. It was also a convenient place to read when all the younger kids were getting on my nerves!

This has been a fun challenge and I've had some fun revisiting memories with my mom too.


I LOVED this post - it's an excellent idea ! We had only blue and green lights on our trees ---- I still am not comfortable with multi colored lights on xmas trees !


I'll be thinking about this for the rest of the day... and considering my own earliest memories. I was in 3rd grade when JFK was shot so I remember a bit more about those days. Thanks for a great post!

Fiona D

I really enjoyed your stories - and the sunset.


I remember Hurricane Agnes and my Mom and I being home alone during it. I was so scared and driving my Mother crazy so she fixed me a tom collins. I don't remember much after that last sip!

Yes, I was underage to be drinking, too!


It wasn't boring - you are little older than I am, so your memories are a bit different, but there are similarities, too. I always find glimpses into other people's childhoods interesting, especially if they have grown up in a not totally dissimilar situation to me...


Oh, and I meant to say, having had a variety of both toddlers and 8 year old girls, it's not entirely clear which of those two categories is a bigger PITA. :)


thought I'd add a few random thoughts after I had some time to think about it..
this is the best 1-->Mattox attempt @ romeo :)
the bridge I rode my bike off of
Philpott lake
the visit to the Ratliffs
the sundeck
the boy scouts..Eddie was an eagle
thursday with grandma Dove
g-ma Dove working you to exhaustion and then telling you to rest while she fixes you something to eat and drink
the iris
the wooden toys we destroyed
the spiveys
the kirby horse farm
how bout that!


It's funny how an age difference that doesn't seem like much now can be so significant when you're younger. There are 6 of us and Deb is the oldest and was the only child for like 5 years...then within the next 6 years the other 5 of us were born. Needless to say, the 5 of us grew up closer because we were so much closer in age. But now, thanks our sharing a common interest in quilting, I'm as close to Deb as I am to the others.

Debbi Baker

What a fantastic post!! So interesting - I loved reading it and teh sunset at the end was a fitting finish.


Thanks for sharing Vicki! Reading your words stirred lots of similar memories... I thought about reading the Boxcar Children Mysteries.

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