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February 02, 2008



I love the purple and green one!! I saw aprons all over the place at Road2CA. I thought about looking at the patterns with an eye towards possibly purchasing, but stopped myself because I know I would never actually wear them. I would never REMEMBER to wear them....LOL


Love the aprons! I am determined to make at least one this month. I never wear them so they are destined to become gifts!


They're great and a perfect beginner project, plus they can also be customized with extra pockets, trim, etc. I'm considering making one from vintage patterns as a SWAP extra.


Wow, they are just the cutest aprons. Love your fabric choices in the first two in particular.

And I have been enjoying your bird photos too!

Sue B

these are great and I like your fabric choices, especially in the second one. I just bought myself a bunch of that fabric line. I can't believe you only bought enough of it for just that apron though, that's willpower!


If I lived near you I would be signing up for your class. Hmmm, maybe a trip to VA is in order??
My DIL wears aprons all the time and that first one looks just like her.


lisa thiessen

I love your aprons! I have no doubt that your samples will have people clamoring to be in the class. I've been wanting to make a nice apron myself for quite a while now (my old one is quite used up) and think I just might have to find this book!

Debra Spincic

I love that cups fabric! WOW! Cute aprons! I love aprons and have worn them for years.


Love the aprons- number 3 is my favorite. VA is alittle far for me to take the class though, sorry.


Vicki - these fashionable little aprons look more like couture than aprons!! The purple one particularly looks like a lovely little skirt.


Very sweet aprons. I wish I were closer and could take your class.


I really like the bibbed one, Vicki! I wear aprons when I am in the kitchen as I tend to slop around.


Thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comment.

The aprons are stunning. I don't blame you for wanting to buy more of that fabric line. It's really beautiful. Best Wishes for you to have a great class and excellent students. :-)


Aprons are a great idea for a class, and yours are lovely. I hope it fills!

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