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January 30, 2008



oh, very nice! i'm so far behind. i'm struggling with how literal/representational to be with mine. i really like how both turned out, but especially the 2nd one.


good for you following through with the things you sign up for.... I always manage to do so, but have learned if I want to get anything of my own done I need to not be a joiner :-(

Judy W

OOOH I LOVE IT!!!!!! Both of them!


I love what you did with both of them ! Great job - especially on the cave - I can see how that one would have been quite a challenge!


Nicely done ... especially your interpretation of the cave. Is the sky really that dark/strong in the actually boat piece? The wind is definitely visible, if it's a stormy as the photo appears it had better be heading into port.


OMG!!! I am stunned!! It loks soooo coool!! This piece is going to look fantastic in my office!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! Now I'm really sweating my pieces :-S


Awesome and since I received one of the Splash postcards, I can appreciate the work you put into both of these.


They both look wonderful. After visiting Deb and watching her work on hers and seeing these, I'm SO glad I'm not tempted to join any of these exchanges. I'd be so stressed trying to create something acceptable it wouldn't be any fun for me.


Great work, and your energy and variety of work is amazing.

Deb Geyer

Very nice technique with the yarn! I like the abstractness of the cave design.


Wow did an awesome job! I'm sure they will love them. :) Can't wait to see what you do on yours. :)


Fabulous pieces of art! Your sailboat looks better than the actual photo. And the cave- I can see how creating depth would be difficult. Your abstract cavern picks up the mood perfectly.


I love both pieces especially the second one! You are like me in that you LOVE Challenges. They get the creative juices going! Don't worry you seem so organized that you'll handle them all without a problem, though it would be nice to combine a couple! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you (since you are too busy creating!)that this will happen with the February TIF challenge!

Ruth Lane

They're both wonderful. I especially like your interpretation of the second one. I always want to be too literal when doing something from a photo.

Deb Hardman

Both are wonderful Vicky. You did a great job with both the literal & abstract interpretations!

It's a fun technique to drizzle stuff on a foundation & stitch it down. I first did that in 1997 in a class with Caryl Bryer Fallert. It's a fun way to get a lot of texture. Job well done!


Chris will go to heaven for sure.....I like the second 1 best

Deb Levy

Wow Vicki, they are both great! I struggled with mine too, but it was such fun. Glad they're done though:)


Gosh Vicki, your work is just amazing!


You are goooood!!! The sailboat is fantastic and will make a really cool little wall hanging - BUT your interpretation of the cave is outstandingly creative and visually appealing in every way!!
Way to go girl! I would love to participate in a challenge like that. If you hear of another -- let me know as that is right up my alley.


I like them both, but particularly the cave one - fabulous effect there. Wow. Another technique to try for The List. Now, will someone send me some extra hours...


Love how these turned out, especially the cave. You captured the feeling.


Thanks for stopping by my site and leaving a comment. I am so impressed with your with creative work! Both pieces are incredilbe, but your interpretation of the cave is so amazing! I'm just a simple quilter-you are an artist! :-)

Michele at Sweet Leaf

Very Nice, Vicky! You get a really neat effect with the yarns. Nice interpretation of the fire in the cave, too. Well done!

Kristin La Flamme

Great interpretation of the cave! I bet it's even better in person where you can really see all the texture from the fancy yarns. :-)

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