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November 14, 2007



locker hooking does seem to "eat" fabric, but the end product is so soft and full :-)


Oh, I love how that looks. That's going to be a beautiful rug. And boy, that's an interesting looking needle. I don't think I've ever seen one like it before.

tracey petersen

i wish we had project runway here. I'm sure I would love it. I'd gladly trade it for the silly crab fishing show!

Debra Spincic

Another one of those ideas I have resisted but it does look like a good use for some crappy fabrics!


That's going to be lovely. Somewhere I have the book, needle, and some canvas with which to try this. Maybe someday I'll be inspired to pull it out and give it a whirl! I could use a good way to stash bust!

I wonder if my mom remembered to tape PR for me. This about the only thing that makes me seriously contemplate lobbying for cable....but I'm pretty sure my DH still won't go for it...


Is there anything you don't do? I kind of like the idea of making a rug to tame my strings but I refuse to start another craft. My knitting and crochet sit neglected as it is. Of course, if I crocheted the rug that would use strings too....

Sue B

Now this something I've never tried. I do have a ton of scrap fabric laying around...


That will be the perfect finishing touch for that bathroom (which is already gorgeous due to the tile.)!


Oh, no! I missed PR?!!

Thanks for another resource for yet another craft! You are the best enabler ever!


I fell asleep and missed PR last night--it's a good thing for me that Bravo likes to rerum them. I'm a fan, too. You might want to check out the Project Runway challenge for quilters on my friend AmyB's blog at, --I'm definitely going to play.


Oh so long ago I bought supplies to do locker hooking and it all still sits. Enjoy!


Perfect! I can almost see that rug in your glass tiled bathroom. You will post a photo when your finished? Please.


They were teaching this at the Quilt Shop around the corner. But shoot, if you're learning from the book maybe I'll keep that in mind. ;)

Is this something you can do while your watching TV or something? sounds like maybe it is.

Judy Rys

So you're a Happy Hooker, huh? hehe (couldn't resist)! I don't understand how you are using this hook. It sort of looks like cross stitch, but why the crochet hook?


Your rug hooking look good :-)
I promise not to try - I don't need another fabric craft to do LOL


Hmmm, I hadn't seen this type of rug hooking before. Looks interesting. Can't wait to see the finished project.

Allison Aller

I have so much old fabric that I will never sew with but would love to put to use!
This looks like a great way to make something wonderful out of it.

Granny Fran

I just discovered locker hooking at a quilt shop and bought the hook and supplies and ordered the book. Looks like a great mindless way to be productive while watching TV with hubby. He used to do latch hook rugs so he might even want to do this. Can't wait till the book gets here. I love the primitive look of these rugs and mats.

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