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November 18, 2007


Sue B

okay I gotta tell you, LOVE this card idea!


Cute card idea! and clear instructions, as always. The apron is cute, also. Can you describe the back? I need to make a new apron (I hate to tell you how old my current threadbare number is!) I am looking for a pattern that does not touch the neck. I hate the ones that hang around the neck. That is why I can't use mine for a pattern. Yours looks like what I am wanting. Can you give a pattern source? Thanks! I always look forward to your posts.
Linda H


Very cute...wonderful idea.


Very cute...wonderful idea.


What a great idea - creative and functional fun! I wish I was getting one of these! I should make one -- I think I will.



And OH BOY!! One of these is MINE! LOL......

Now, to figure out what the heck to do for mine. Isn't it horrible when the theme is YOUR idea and you don't know what to do?


You're amazing! What a great idea! I love the apron too 0 then again I am a bib apron fanatic --


3 words:

fab u lous!

Another great job, Vicki!


Cute and clever! A double duty postcard!

I do the same thing when starting a new project - every trim, fiber, fabric, bead, button, paint, etc. gets pulled out at the beginning. As I progress things start making their way back into the collections because they've been rejected for some reason or other.

Debra Spincic

One of the cutest postcards I have seen!


Awesome cards - so clever! Lovely apron too!


Love it, Vicki! I'm so stuck on ideas, but something will happen, I hope!


Great idea! You're so creative!


That is just gorgeous! I'm so jealous of all these people receiving cards. Might have to join in on one of these swaps in the future.....I would love to have a basket of cards from all over the world!


Just way too cute! Love that postcard!


I just love your web site!!! Thanks for the ideas.

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