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November 16, 2007


lisa thiessen

I love how your project is coming along! I've made a couple really wonderfully durable rugs (same technique) with strips of old T-shirt. The colours are really intense, play-doughy ones. I found doing this to be hard on my wrists, though.


Aha - I see now why it is easy :-)
Your rug will be looking good when it is done - and perfect in colours for your use.

From here it looks like punchneedle work and rug hooking is quite similar.


Thanks for the tutorial. It looks like mindless fun. Something to do in front of the TV.


I've never tried it with fabric -- the "instructions" I had talk about yarn, and I've had no shortage of that either! :-)

Allison Aller

This makes it all much clearer. A technique with great potentia, thanks!

Judy L.

I bought the "kit" at the Nashville show and have picked it up a dozen times but haven't started yet. The rugs are beautiful!

Debra Spincic

I stood in WalMart and read the directions a few months ago. It looks intriguing as a technique--a bit of a hybrid of a few techniques. I may give it a shot--in the very distant future!

Carla B

Can't wait to see it finished, Vicki!

Joske Indesteege

Wheere can you buy the crochet hook with the eye?



Hi Vicki,
I just got a locker hooking kit at a garage sale, and I'm tracking down experienced hookers :)

Your info is helpful! Hoping to play with this real soon ...

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