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September 23, 2007



I love the idea of doing the coins in blocks. I've always tried mine in long long strips, and then had issues with stretching and distortion...


I've always loved this simple pattern - and you make it look even better ! Fell better fast !

Leah S

I'm wondering, did you use new or used dryer sheets? Cuz I certainly can understand how new ones dull the needle, but I would think used ones would be ok? Or maybe they need to go through more than one cycle? I must confess, I don't use dryer sheets. Got a box of Kabnet Wax Paper with my name on it. ;)


Your quilt came out beautifully. I started using dryer sheets for a strippy quilt with the strips going on a diagonal but noticed that they seem to drag on the surface of the sewing machine. I thinkin the future I'm going to run them through more than one drying cycle before using them for foundation piecing because the more used up sheets are easy to use.

Tracey Petersen

Lots of space for cool quilting on this one. Any plans made for the quilting?


Aren't these fun? Your version looks great. I was playing in the donated coins this morning pulling out some to send to another HeartStrings quilter and I need to start making more tops from the leftovers.


Your coin quilt has turned out great!


I love these "charm" type quilts. Also, I find them easier to manage than quilts that coordinate, say, 4-5 fabrics. The more fabrics,even within a color theme, the easier it is for me...and the more interesting, really. I never heard this referred to as a Chinese Coin quilt though. Interesting. Love the fish border!


I wonder why it is called a coin quilt? Is it supposed to look like piled change? I also thought maybe to used the dryer sheets after they have been washed and dried. It would take the softener out of them.


Impressive! I've never seen this design and I think it works really well!

Deb Hardman

I love this pattern. Makes me want to make one.

Carla B

So glad you are feeling much better now, Vicki! Love your coin quilt!

Carla B

So glad you are feeling much better now, Vicki! Love your coin quilt!


I love this quilt design for using up scraps, I have yet to make one, but yours looks great!


I also use Kabnet Wax Paper sheets for paper piecing, and I will definitely use the Chinese Coin pattern to attack my scrap pile. Your quilt looks great. Thanks.


gotta love those dryer sheets..great idea. thanks for the info

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