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March 07, 2007


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Wow. Look at all of those novelty prints! And all of that handwork!

My mother-in-law made one of these. I can't remember how many years she worked on it. 10 maybe? She used to make shirts for her family, and so the window fabrics were all leftovers from the plaid shirts she had made through the years. It's an amazing quilt -- a real treasure. If I remember, I'll try to ask her how she finished the edges.

And no, you don't need to post instructions on *my* account, as I'm pretty sure this project is not one I'm going to jump....I'll just admire yours from afar...

Debra Spincic

Off and on through the years I have been interested in a CW. I would love to know how you are doing it as I might just give it a try as a hand project too.

Gunnel svensson

What a lovely quilt! And so much job!! Thanks for comment on my blog! And I love these ribbons!

Gunnel svensson

What a lovely quilt! And so much job!! Thanks for comment on my blog! And I love these ribbons!

Sue B

Vicki it's fantastic! All that hand sewing - you're amazing!


Wow this quilt is amazing! I can't imagine how long it took you to get this far. It really is beautiful. I hope you tell us how to make one of these blocks.



Wow - amazing. Can't believe it. I think it's lovely!


Oh my, look at all the work put into this quilt. This will definately be an heirloom in itself!!!


I'm full of admiration for you Vicki. Such patience you must have to work on something on this scale. Very sad tale about G-Ma's quilt. Have you never heard of it again?


I don't keep a complete count of my UFO's either. I keep what I call a working list and every now and then pull one to work on that isn't on the list. right now I'm finishing up my 9th UFO for the year so I'm making good progress.

Michele at Sweet Leaf

I'm not much for handwork, but you've inspired me to try a Cathedral Windows piece--We'll be taking a trip soon, so I'll be without my sewing machine. This should keep my hands busy.

Christine Knecht

I love this quilt! I have been wanting to do one of these myself for a few years now and with kids coming along I just have never gotten around to it. Could you please post your instructions as I am having a hard time finding good ones. Many thanks!


I have a CW started -- for three years now! I am folding the squares into triangles to do the edges and hand sewing them like the rest of the windows. Or the edges could be left like they are - or turned back and sewn down in a curve without the fabric


Beautiful work! My mom made one of these years ago, also by hand. All I remember is her asking me to pick up "just a couple more yards of muslin" for her every time I went near a fabric store. It took her a couple of years, even with her sister chipping in towards the end of it, and she thought she'd never finish.


I know we're "supposed to" be looking at the stash busting reports but cathedral windows caught my eye first. all I can say is WOW!!!! I'm doing one now in muslin and 30's repros and I just love yours. May I ask how you got the triangle edges on yours????

Susan Peltz

Lovely!! A Cathedral Window quilt exists only in my dreams. I'm think now to do two small baby Cathedral's for yet to be born grandchildren.

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