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February 24, 2007


Debra Spincic

Another nifty idea from you!


Hey's Judy from our Silk Fusion group....I am fascinated by the lotion recipe and am going to have to try it. Both my husband and I have very dry skin and use lotion by the gallons during the winter...even here in humid Georgia, which is not so humid in the winter! Thanks so much for posting the entire process. I'm off to order supplies.


This is awesome! I NEED that lotion but I just can Not do another hobby!!! I'll bet is smells and feels divine!


Lets see ... Sarah and I had the same problems when we wer dyeing here and we both agree that the temperature is crucial. Shes uses a heating blanket to batch now - and I use the micro - or heating pad in this weather. Also for some of the colors (turquoise and black are notorious I think) I double or at least one and half times the amount of dye powder called for.
Second - where are you getting you skin care supplies? I use often but am always interested . I like the sound of your recipe too !


Snowdrift Farms has better pricing on bottles and jars. MMS has better pricing on everything else.

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