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I am 53, married 25 years and no kids (by choice). I live near Richmond, VA and am obsessed with anything to do with fabric and thread! I sew quilts, dye fabric, longarm quilting and just make lots of things. I started this blog as a way to chronicle my sewing goals and adventures and retired recently to become a full time fabric dyer. Recently I embarked on the new hobby of making fused glass. It's all chronicled here in the blog.

I sell my hand dyed fabrics in my Etsy shop ( I'm knows for my gradients and my ability to match colors. If you are interested in custom hand dyed fabric you can contact me through the blog.

I publish a monthly newsletter ( where you can get early information on specials and sales.

Check out the Free Projects ( page for lots of dyeing, quilting and other tutorials.


fabric dyeing, fabric painting, surface design, sewing, quilting, longarm quilting, fabric postcards, mixed media, kaleidoscopes, reading, photography, fused glass